Addie Bundren

“and seeing and hearing in themselves blind and deaf; fury in itself quiet with stagnation. Squatting, Dewey Dell’s wet dress shapes for the dead eyes of three blind men those mammalian ludicrosities which are the horizons and the valleys of the earth.”
– William Faulkner, in “As I Lay Dying”  –

Mother is the tie of family whether she welcomes her motherhood or not.

Can people be ready for anything in life in real? The suddenness of the expected things (marriage, children, sickness and dying) shakes us up deep inside even we mask our faces with calm readiness.

Her beautiful Jewel, my sad Darl.

Lou von Salomé

“Lou believed that the intimate experiences are impossible to put into words, but we should not devalue or underestimate their importance because we do not speak of them.”
– Julia Vickers, in “A Biography of the Woman Who Inspired Freud, Nietzsche and Rilke” –

Nietzsche and Rilke left the masterpieces of ideas and writings behind;
Lou von Salomé lived the masterpiece.